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Terms and Conditions

Cambridge-Taxi is a fully licensed taxi service in Cambridge. The company is insured under license PO109 by the South Cambridgeshire for Hire & Reward. Passengers are advised to go through the terms and conditions before making any bookings with us. The below-mentioned terms and conditions apply to all users, visitors, and everyone who accesses the website. It is possible to make a booking for the taxi service via text, email, and phone or through the online booking system on the website.

It is important to mention that while making bookings through the website, you may face an error with vehicle availability and pricing. It takes roughly one day to conduct a manual check on these factors, and then only price and ride can be confirmed. The passengers will receive booking confirmation along with vehicle details, time and date as well.

Cambridge-Taxi doesn’t take any responsibility for passengers that miss a flight due to less than 2 hours of check-in time. It is advised to arrange the arrival at the airport 2 hours before the flight departure. Also, all passengers must have valid travel insurance before their booking. Our team does not provide any refunds to passengers that do not wait for the driver to come or if they take alternative transport.

Cambridge-Taxi is not responsible if the luggage or passenger requirements go beyond the regulated capacity of the vehicle. If you are not sure about the vehicle capacity, it is better to contact Cambridge-Taxi team in advance to confirm the details. In order to ensure complete safety of our passengers, licensing regulations of Private Hire require secure fastening of all luggage in the vehicle boot; passengers need to keep this in mind before hiring a taxi.

Cambridge-Taxi has all the rights to refuse any unexpected carriage of animals when the details are not discussed at the time of booking. If traveling with animals, they must be secured well in a transport crate or box.

Cambridge-Taxi takes no responsibility for costs incurring if passengers fail to meet any of these regulations. The pre-defined route of your journey as per the booking is available with the driver on the day of travel; however, alternate routes can be requested and handled by the driver depending upon the case. The passengers are advised to provide their ride time and day as per the UK time zones, not as per their native country. Any serious delays in flight must be conveyed to the chauffeurs on time.

Cambridge-Taxi makes use of its own transport service in most cases; however, it may use third-party solutions when needed. Cambridge-Taxi reserves the right to offer you an upgraded vehicle for traveling if the one booked by you is not available at the required time. If any reservations are made for the following timings, they may require passengers to pay a 50% surcharge over published prices: 12:00 on December 24th to 23:59 on December 26th; 12:00 on December 31st to 23:59 on January 1st.

Policies and Notices

  • Waiting Time

While picking up passengers from the airport, the Cambridge-Taxi driver will wait for you only up to one hour after flight landing time. The waiting time after this initial one hour is chargeable, irrespective of the reason, and the price is £20/hr. Cambridge-Taxi appreciates requests for collection time after flight landing; however, customers who request for the same will not be charged any additional waiting time for the requested period. The company doesn’t provide any compensation to the customers if they reach the airport earlier than planned and have to wait for the scheduled ride time. Cambridge-Taxi considers standard collection time unless the team is informed in advance about change in journey time.

  • Cancellations

Cambridge-Taxi accepts cancelations only if the notice is provided 24 hours before the exact pickup time. All the cancellations must be reported via email only, and you will receive a confirmation for the same. In case you do not receive a confirmation email, it clearly means that we have not received an email from your side. In such a situation, it is better to call us at 07503 988868. The company doesn’t issue a refund if:

The passengers do not show up on time for pre-paid journeys.
The cancellations are reported after less than 24 hours to the pre-decided pickup time.
In order cases where refunds are possible, it is better to contact Cambridge-Taxi customer service to discuss the matter.

  • Complaints

Complaints regarding Cambridge-Taxi taxi service must be raised via an email, and they must be reported within seven days of the event. Note that some phone calls are recorded for training and quality purposes.